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Understanding Canadian laws about safe biomedical handling and cleaning up blood and body fluids.


Blood and body fluids are considered bio-hazardous materials in Canada due to the potential for air and blood borne pathogens.  There are several federal and provincial laws and guidelines in place to ensure the handling and disposal of potentially dangerous substances are treated safely to protect public health and the environment. 


Using a qualified remediation company such as Medic Services is the most responsible way to cleanup and dispose of bio-hazardous waste.  


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Smoking in the home sharply reduces real estate value: study

Maclean`s April 16, 2013

Homeowners risk coughing up big bucks if they’re also smokers, according a survey of Ontario real estate agents and brokers.

The survey found that smoking in the home can reduce the value of the property on resale by up to 29 per cent.

The study was sponsored by Pfizer Canada, a pharmaceutical company whose products include a smoking cessation medication.

It estimates a potential loss of up to $107,000 on an home in Ontario, where the average price is currently around $369,000.

The study found that an overwhelming majority of 401 real estate agents and brokers in the survey agreed that it is more difficult to sell a home where owners have smoked.

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Cleaning up after a flood

Toronto Public Health

The damage to your home from a flood can be overwhelming. This website has a number of links to helpful information about what to do after a flood has occurred. 

They include fact sheets on how to clean up after a flood, how to deal with potential mold issues and how to determine if food is safe to eat after a power failure.

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